Hidden Treasure

When you love me 
I lose control
As I am not used to 
the power you give me

When you love me
I become invincible
And I feel this intense happiness
That feels like it will never end

Until it does

And when it does
I lose control once more
I forget what I am
Who I am

And as I think of a way
To get back to feeling perfectly poised
My only solution I see
Is in you

But as I wait
To hear those 3 words
That perfected me
I am disappointed

I never hear them again

I long for them
Expect them to be spoken again
With the same impact
With the same genuine emotion

But still, I receive nothing

The hit
That I had become so addicted to 
Became impossible to find
And with it

I lost myself again

I realized 
That when you loved me
I felt worthy of love

I was a treasure
hidden in plain sight
Finally found

The pain
Still leads me to despair

I thank you for finding me
Noticing me
When I didn't know

I needed finding

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