Winter to Spring

the last 4 years

have been harder than I could have imagined

people I love died

trauma introduced itself and overstayed its welcome

God fell silent and life became mundane

and yet

the reflection I see in the bathroom mirror is almost


because I see a strength foreign to my brain

that is somehow

muscle memory to my heart

– life gets richer when you lean in

No One is Alone

I made this collage for a class called Art in Therapy. A huge thing with art therapy is that art is a medium through which our unconscious can be expressed or brought forth.

I chose to do a collage because of a negative art experience I had in 5th grade. We had to make a collage, and I had this idea I was super excited about. When I told my teacher, she told me it didn’t have a theme, and I needed to do something else. I was heartbroken. So making this collage was very significant to me.

“Shut up and let it out” is what I’m telling myself to do with art. “No one is alone” is a reminder that I need to tell myself daily.


There's something I want to feel but I don't know what it is.
The expression confusing, yet delivering
What can I give?
What do I have to offer to a world that hasn't ever offered me anything at all?
I live in sadness but breathe like it's still
Quite a strangeness it is to be alive I twist and I churn and I burn inside 
And I cry
Because there's something I want to feel but I don't know what it will do to me
The fruits of freedom not consumed by me. 

Hidden Treasure

When you love me 
I lose control
As I am not used to 
the power you give me

When you love me
I become invincible
And I feel this intense happiness
That feels like it will never end

Until it does

And when it does
I lose control once more
I forget what I am
Who I am

And as I think of a way
To get back to feeling perfectly poised
My only solution I see
Is in you

But as I wait
To hear those 3 words
That perfected me
I am disappointed

I never hear them again

I long for them
Expect them to be spoken again
With the same impact
With the same genuine emotion

But still, I receive nothing

The hit
That I had become so addicted to 
Became impossible to find
And with it

I lost myself again

I realized 
That when you loved me
I felt worthy of love

I was a treasure
hidden in plain sight
Finally found

The pain
Still leads me to despair

I thank you for finding me
Noticing me
When I didn't know

I needed finding

Beauty In Simplicity

Seeing new colors in the world sparked my creativity for more. It reminded me of the beauty that I wanted my life to portray, not just for myself, but for others and for the world to see. Here’s to the joy that life gives when we start living in the light that then illuminates our potential and the colors of our character. excited and grateful for you to be here,
– j.r.g.